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The coronavirus pandemic exposed vast disparities in healthcare access and outcomes, particularly within minority populations. Of the millions who were sickened with the virus, only a tiny percentage were actually treated in hospitals. The rest were cared for at home…usually by female family members. School closings disrupted work and showed the inadequacy of childcare services, pulling millions of mothers out of the workforce. 


  • The pandemic helped highlight the physical, emotional, and financial toll on caregivers and their families. 

  • We need elected leaders who care about care--both political parties are failing caregivers. 

  • We need elected leaders who will pass paid family and sick leave, make investments in childcare, eldercare, and other support for our families. 

  • Over 34 million Americans care for an adult over the age of 50—mostly aging spouses and parents. 

  • Care work is essential to our economy and the livelihoods of our families. Without care work, no other work is possible. 

  • Caregivers represent a huge and overlooked voting interest in every state, including Georgia. 

  • WVWW intends to engage and activate family caregivers. They deserve acknowledgment and support for their vital contributions to public health and social welfare. 

  • Demand that political candidates support caregivers and are committed to spending the nearly $4 billion Georgia received from the CARES act.

  • Volunteer for WVWW care project and civic engagement campaigns.

  • Support our efforts to secure fair and equitable treatment of caregivers with a DONATION.

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